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The Commish is a former Lakeview assist. coach who went on to coach at Howland. He has spent too much time trying to mollify some crybabies, namely Howland and Canfield. He also got leveraged a few years back to mollify both Poland and Niles to give them a shot at competing for TWO titles as they didn't expect to win the tier with Howland and canfield . This did not set well with many schools. East is loose change that has some concerns ( both safety and competition) as they may drop if Chaney starts up again and Lakeside wouldn't even be competitive dropping down two tiers to the White. Then there are the FUTURE considerations as many of the school project big enrollment declines dead ahead. They will become smaller than just a 100 boys difference now. Hard to fit playing two division bigger for many of them. Probably best to blow this thing up and get on with it. Schools themselves will see their way to grouping new leagues together for sizes and competitive reasons.
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