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Struthers Poland Lakeview Girard want no part of Howland Canfield in the tier, and yes that is true. Theyre threatening to blow up this league over it. Struthers Poland I really don't get it, Struthers already plays Canfield why would they want to blow a tier over it. Poland really? What I find amazing is the league threatened Campbell with being voted out if they don't play a 2 Division higher Struthers team (all coordinated by Struthers and Poland by the way) and now the same two teams are throwing a fit about Having to play Canfield and Howland!? You both play Canfield already. Very typical of Struthers and Poland to blow up a league when they don't get their way through. I'm speaking to the administration of these districts I don't believe for a min any of the Struthers guys on here have any problem playing those schools.
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