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Originally Posted by PeterDragon View Post
The local newspaper thing is so true. I miss the game stories and profile stories on the local kids. Not to mention box scores, statistical leaders, athlete of the week etc. It was always exciting to read about a friends kid or a neighbor who was profiled in the local paper.
That's true even in the city. The Enquirer used to have at least a paragraph or two on every single game in the area; a student from the home school would phone in a report on the game along with the box score, an Enquirer hack writer would turn it into a story and put it under the student's byline.

The change isn't just at the papers. Forty years ago we had a squad of four or five student statisticians working games (younger kids working the JV game and learning from the upperclassmen who did the varsity) and one of the perks of being head statistician was that byline in the paper. Now the stats are compiled after the fact by a coach looking at game film...if they're compiled at all. After a loss it tends to not even happen.
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