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Originally Posted by nupanther View Post
This post is spot on. We've seen this from the Browns. Promising start from a young qb. Close loss to a good team. Optimism for an improved season. After week 8 they'll be 3-5 " but with a couple of breaks we could've been 5-3 or 6-2". Come January they'll be 4-12 looking forward to the 2018 draft class.

This ain't college football where style points count. A win on the road against a divisional foe is a win. Bell won't be invisible again this year. Either Eli or Martavis will be a solid #2. Loved the 7 sacks, don't care if it's against the Browns or patriots.
Exactly. It isn't like CFB/HS where one of the top teams should just demolish a lower tier team even if they play poorly.

Browns are professional athletes as well and Ill take any win on the road, especially in the division and just look at their early season games over the many close losses where they were "just a few plays away" from winning.

Browns fans QQing that the steelers are so overrated because they barely beat them...........I bet they wish one day bengals fans would call the Browns overrated because they only beat the lowly bengals by 3 pts on the road!

Run games tend to take a little longer to develop in season because of the lack of contact in practice and preseason they aren't playing much or sitting out like LevBell. Itll take a few games before the running attack can improve typically.
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