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Looks like apparently they weren't "enforcing the law." At least according to their boss

The Columbus Division of Police Vice personnel are responsible for enforcing laws regulating alcohol sales, after-hours clubs, massage parlors, human trafficking, nuisance properties among other serious violations of law. The Division strives to do this work and all of our work in an impartial manner.

Vice personnel working last night believed they had probable cause that state law regulating sexually-oriented businesses was violated; however, one element of the law was missed in error and charges were subsequently dismissed.
Considering they chose to blow a months long undercover operation on human trafficking for this, firable offense. The equivalent sort of in the private sector would absolutely get you canned.

Also agreed that Stormy being at Sirens is pretty hilarious. She's the most famous whore in the world and she's performing at like what, the 4th best strip club in Columbus, Ohio? You'd think she could book a permanent gig in Vegas. Like Celine Dion but selling your body instead of singing the theme from Titanic.
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