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Originally Posted by 5x26 View Post
Who the heck is CDA going to play that's worth really playing?

With Eclipse, Hawks and Indy Fire gone their schedule sure got easier. The 15's were 5th behind the 3 clubs that went back all in to the ECNL, the 18/19's were 5th behind them as well. They added a mid quality CSA in Cleveland club but seems travel just got worse if they are going to increase the division size, and quality of teams they are playing also dropped significantly. I think that Minnesota team they already spend so much money to go and play has a goal differential between their 3 teams of around -250.

It's no wonder so many kids were trying to leave the DA to come to OE and OP.
I should have quantified the question. Are that many girls trying to leave CDA (Conjecture check).
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