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Originally Posted by 1000games View Post
Philly - You quoted me. And I said the DA was making unsolicited invites:
" And DA making invites to OE players." (But you said that wouldn't happen because the DA doesn't do that.)
You need to reread what you're responding to.

I was not talking about the CDA (Pre-Da) in regards to getting players. We all know that is a "try-out" process .

And to clarify, the DA won't be successful as long as procedures, rules, and processes, aren't followed. Because then there is too much POLITICS in the water.... breaking structured rules when selecting teams is the process by which politics enters the arena. I DID NOT say that the DA won't be successful because they make invites..... which you said they don't. But clearly they do.
I'm confused here. Is the CDA not the Cincinnati DA, or the new girls combination of CUP and Kings Hammer? From your post it came across as you referring to CDA as the girls and DA as the boys DA, or CUP DA. Not sure how Pre-DA teams got mixed into this conversation. Didn't seem like you were talking about that. So like I said, I'm very confused here.

I'm specifically referring to this comment right here. Feel free to clear up my confusion.

"From what I can gather, there haven't been any defections from OE to CDA / DA and no great movement of DA to OE. Lots of CDA trying out at OE. And DA making invites to OE players."

Oh, and feel free to leave the condescension at the door.

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