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Originally Posted by 1000games View Post
Well Philly - Just like the process that BP and Tiff used to form the teams at the DA, rules and guidelines are not always followed. Processes are not always as they are explained. And maybe that's why the DA won't succeed.
Fact is, my kid got an invite. It was unsolicited and never accompanied a training session at the DA. Maybe the DA just doesn't have enough girls coming to them, so they have to go looking.
Thank you for your naive, straight-laced proclamation though. You're doing a great job keeping the DA on its toes!
I said DA. The person I quoted made a clear distinction between CDA and DA. I have never read the tryout procedures for CDA. I was speaking for the DA, thus why I said DA.

Now if you want to get on following procedures, your argument is the same used to say that private schools recruit. "They sought me out unsolicited, [fill in the blank] blah blah blah." So under your way of thinking, if the CDA are recruiting like you say they are (nothing wrong with that by the way), and that will be their failure, then private schools are using a failing model as well when they search out players? The GCL's days are numbered people! You heard it hear first.

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