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The precedent has been set that the Bishop would prefer the schools be in urban areas, or at least to not get more exurban it seems. One of the big stinks about the Mooney relocation was that the Bishop didn't want to be perceived as abandoning the city. Which is sort of absurd considering Youngstown has Ursuline downtown right on the YSU campus...

In Stark County you obviously don't have that problem is both high schools are in suburban/exurban areas. I myself would be curious as to how many/if any folks in the northern parts of Jackson, North Canton, or Lake Townships send kids to Hoban.

You could conceivably make the argument that expanding in Louisville or at least on the East side would be preferable. There's not a Catholic HS until you get to Mooney heading East.

Now had the Bishop done what many in Youngstown wanted to and relocated Mooney to the southern edge of Boardman or in Beaver Township, you could have served a much wider land area and appealed more to the base. It's really a mess with so many problems; some of which start within the home so who knows how much tinkering would even work!

I long for the days when Boardman township alone had 2 Roman Catholic K-8 schools AND a Byzantine-run Catholic school...Wasn't all that long ago either.
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