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Originally Posted by mailman112 View Post
Not worried at all. These things go in cycles. At least in the major sports. The basketball team will be a final 4 team the next 3 years. Football will be right in the mix as always. Those are the only two sports MOST casual fans really care about. Hockey, soccer, wrestling etc all are secondary sports to MOST fans. Now to the older alumni, winning is all the matters regardless of the sport.

I do agree we need to do a better job in hockey and soccer to compete with the Cats. With that being said, the Cats have roughly 25% more students. Not that I'm saying that is an excuse. Just the truth.

The Eagles will be fine.
It's more like 37% more students (940 vs. 1500).

St. Ed's has improved itself significantly in the academic area. It's also become more fiscally wise and responsible. At St. Ed's today, it's all about building the endowment. When you focus on the endowment, something's gotta give. It appears to me that coaches, who all used to engage in their own fundraising, are being permitted far less of this, if any. That money, controlled by the coaches, went for a "variety" of things. There's far less of that money today in the athletic department. It's a big win for the school, maybe not so much for some sports teams.

So, maybe today, you have two schools, going at their business in a somewhat similar fashion and one is 37% bigger than the other. If all that is true, the bigger school should win the athletic competitions more often than not...across the board.
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