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Zinsers. Lol yeah good luck with them. They get beat in 1 on 1 OL/DL drills every Friday night at the open training at the D1. HC you giving out Week 2 predictions already. Trust me I can't wait for tthatgame. People please get off of Crabtree. He served his suspension and it is over and done. I know met him 7-8 years ago and he has always been a class act. I know a little about this situation and have spoke to the Stage Dad as HC calls him(LOL) and I know for a fact that Crabtree was not actively recruiting the kid. Why would he. He has his QBs position is set for the next few years. Oh he is guilty because he watched the kid while his QB coach was doing QB training with the kid(as he works with several QBs) But I guess when you are successful people will alway try to tarnish your accomplishment.