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Going to educate you a little here AHM . Do you really think that a 2nd year AD at Coffman would just let Crabtree not only continue coaching never mind give the support he did to coach if this was a " REAl " case of actually enticing recruiting this kid to come to Coffman ?

They made a mistake , anyone who knows anything about this case , KNOWS IT WAS NOTHING, there was a punishment given , BUT this kid was never going to be a QB at Coffman was not a star athlete that was going to be a coup , you know nothing about this at all so your benefit of doubt means less than zero , but it's over the punishment is rendered and that's that .

Doesn't change the fact that more Sells kids have gone over the river in the Eastern Direction than there has been Davis KIDS going to Coffman . Speaking of the great 2007 team , Morris was a good D-Lineman who lived in the Coffman district open enrolled at Scioto, would have started and helped Coffman no question , that Coffman team had ZERO STARTERS not from the Karrer Sells official zone attendance area