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Yes Scrump , offensive line needs to step up and become a culture within the culture IMO. Holcomb is going to be real good I think , Koehler has size Zinser's as well BUT they need to get after it not only getting stronger but working on their feet and quickness . Potential is there I think to be a good unit eventually but the next 6 months is crucial in terms of remaking body's a bit and getting stronger .

LB'S are going to be a good group , the question is are they going to be a " SPECIAL " Group ? Is Jeslord going to add the 10-15 and become a force? Hoak will work hard I am sure and be really solid. Crabby needs to get stronger more explosion? Easy for fans to sit back and say we don't have to do the work but this group has the potential to be one of the better Coffman LB'S crew's make their mark .

Buehler, Frazier and Robinson with John Wurm coming hard from Safety brought a lot of great run support and blitzing ability made the 2009 LB group special.

2007 group led by tackling machine Steve Gardiner was real solid and held ST X to their lowest offensive total in 15 games as Coffman was the only team to gain more yards from scrimmage than ST X.

2012 group was also good , Flinders was a tough tough kid , a lot of sacks and big plays a big hitter on the ice as well as hockey player. Juniors Hayes and Stein were physical kids who supported the run well , but were really helped by D-Lineman McCollum and Jones.

2014 team was special overall and , LB'S Grady, Febus and McKinney were a very solid trio , but I think this group can be as effective and they have a great chance if they put the work in the next 6 months to be remembered in a very positive way .

2015 was a very solid unit as well with the aforementioned Grady , McKinney along with Colt Whitman with Griffin Hoak adding depth and starting when Whitman went down was a very good group .

D-line may add an errant O-Lineman or so? Cole Bagozzi will be a very solid performer , uses his hands well , won't back down against anyone , Cummings is a stud athlete, he's only 5-6 / 5-7 may be BUT he is quick strong and wreaks havoc, made a lot of eye opening plays , the kid is a football player .

Hamilton is a larger framed bigger kid than his brother, he has a lot of potential to be a playmaker in the secondary, and there are enough athletes to have a good unit back there when they figure out who won't be playing offense .

QB I feel is Brown and Ernst making plays at Wide Out ? Obviously Marcus can play the QB position and would be an asset , but on this particular team without a lot of outside weapons he may be best utilized there, he is really a natural in the slot and out wide, nice athletic movements , excellent hands , solid routes .

Drennan is an X Factor , I feel he can be a real special player , a breakout performer this season , a Curtis Samuels type player who can hurt you in a multitude of ways. This kid just has " IT" he has hips, feet and can operate in a phone-booth, you cannot teach or coach what this does, and I think this D-1 athlete has the kind of ability that the coaching staff has to really work hard to be more creative to get the most out of and I thin he wants to be great and the staff has a lot of ways they can get the ball into his hands .

TRUTH BE TOLD , he could be put on teams best receivers and play some defense in spots . Think Gahanna with Columbus Academy transfer Bruckner with former Pick North QB Lowery throwing the ball to him in week 5 at Coffman stadium ? Can't teach those hips in terms of covering top Wideouts .

Running game is all about how Sturdivant can play and stay healthy and produce ?
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