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Originally Posted by starkfb View Post
The league is fine EXACTLY as it it now. If pee wee teams can travel so can high school teams . IF you make the playoffs you will HAVE to travel.
The league is a great league as it is now, but why the complacency? At the very least, adding just Massillon would bring in more money and make the league tougher as a whole. Massillon has, on numerous occasions, applied and been denied by the league. It makes no sense to me that some member schools are so reluctant to let them in. Louisville is a bit of a stretch because they are smaller, but like I said before, there are teams that they could compete with. I guess we can have a more serious discussion if Louisville beats Perry and Hoover this upcoming season, but to just dismiss the idea of expansion because the FED is "fine" the way it is, is cowardly. People are afraid of what they can't understand.
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