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Federal League Expansion

Let's pretend that the Federal League was expanding and needed two new teams to fill slots. The federal League now consists of Perry, Hoover, Lake, GlenOak, McKinley, Jackson and Green. The most recent former members are Austintown Fitch and Boardman and while these two teams were competitive and remain that way now, geographically they were both outliers. With the exception of Green, the Federal League is a Stark County league and is one of Ohio's top conferences. That being said, wouldn't it make the most sense to add two of Ohio's most tradition rich teams who are also located in Stark County? I think you know where I'm going with this. If I had the option of adding two teams to the Federal League they would be Louisville and Massillon.
Let's start with Louisville. They were a a league member from 1968-1990 and have sense dominated and been kicked out of the NBC. They would be the smallest of all the Federal League schools and the jump would not be without its difficulties but in a year or two, they would once again be competitive in this league. Everyone in Stark County knows about their famous rivalry game with Hoover, who has the most league titles out of any of the member schools. For Louisville, if they were offered a membership spot, they'd be stupid not to take it. Trying to schedule teams as an independent is hard enough, now if you add winning and success on top of that, forget about it. In 2018 Louisville will play both Perry and Hoover so hopefully in the coming years they continue to fill their schedule with Federal League teams. Right now, I think Louisville would go .500 in league play. Perry, McKinley, GlenOak and Jackson are playing some good football and beating them now would be difficult but not impossible. Green, Hoover and Lake are all teams that have been at the bottom of the league in the past few seasons and Louisville would have a pretty good shot at beating any of them. To me, if I'm school officials and the AD, I am begging the league commissioner for a spot. It makes too much and it would bring a great competitive balance to the league.
As for Massillon, this is an uphill battle for them because the last time this issue came up, Jackson, Hoover and Lake all said no to them joining the league, which is stupid. Massillon has one of the largest fan bases in the state and not to mention, one of the nicest stadiums in Ohio. To add them to the league would bring the Federal League up to par with some of the Catholic conferences in Ohio. With that being said, Massillon joining the league would not mean an instant league title for them. Last year, Perry and Jackson both would have beaten Massillon soundly. I might be biased toward the Panthers but anyone who saw their playoff game against Iggy could make a strong argument that they would have been playing for a title in D-II. Adding these two teams would eliminate needless non-conference scheduling to a certain extent and guarantee every team of a great, hard-nosed game each Friday. For years I could never understand why the league never fought to get Massillon in. Adding them would be a huge bonus for the league, same goes for Louisville. Louisville needs to realize that beating up on sisters of the poor every Friday night does not prepare you for the post season. We saw this in 2013 when the Leopards when 10-0 and lost a home playoff game to Aurora. League officials and member schools who previously voted no, you need to rethink your stance on this issue because both of these teams would be great additions to the league.
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