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Originally Posted by yakyak View Post
I am confused by in the act of shooting. How is it by rule determined?

By rule....

- A try for field goal is an attempt by a player to score two or three points by throwing the ball into a team’s own basket. A player is trying for goal when the player has the ball and in the official’s judgment is throwing or attempting to throw for goal. It is not essential that the ball leave the player’s hand as a foul could prevent release of the ball.

- The try starts when the player begins the motion which habitually
precedes the release of the ball.

- The try ends when the throw is successful, when it is certain the throw is unsuccessful, when the thrown ball touches the floor or when the ball becomes dead.

Now, we start with the rule above during the teaching process. We then rely on instinct and experience to properly apply the rule.

Please note, nowhere will you see in the rule book the requirement for the player to be "off the floor" when attempting a try. Anytime you see an official verbally announce "on the floor", you've just seen an official that has bad AAU habits. ( foul shots consume time......time is bad when working AAU )
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