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Originally Posted by Andy27 View Post
Ok thanks.

I was just talking toCoach Dru and he said by rule it would be ball goes to whoever holds the possession arrow. Do you know what section of the rules this is addressed in? I'd like to look it up when I get home.
Coach is incorrect.

The Case Book covers when the contact occurs after the ball is released...

4.19.8 SITUATION C: A1 drives for a try and jumps and releases the ball. Contact occurs between A1 and B1 after the release and before airborne shooter A1 returns one foot to the floor. One official rules a blocking foul on B1 and the other official rules a charging foul on A1. The try is (a) successful, or (b) not successful.

RULING: Even though airborne shooter A1 committed a charging foul, it is not a player-control foul because the two fouls result in a double personal foul. The double foul does not cause the ball to become dead on the try. In (a), the goal is scored; play is resumed at the point of interruption, which is a throw-in for Team B from anywhere along the end line. In (b), the point of interruption is a try in flight; therefore the alternating-possession procedure is used. (4-36)

************************************************** ********
If the contact occurs while in team control, it's simply a double foul and the team in control is awarded the ball out of bounds for a designated spot throw-in. (see bold type)


ART. 1 . . .
Method of resuming play due to an official's inadvertent whistle, an interrupted game, as in 5-4-3, a correctable error, as in 2-10-6, a double personal, double technical or simultaneous foul, as in 4-19-8 and 4-19-10.

ART. 2...
Play shall be resumed by one of the following methods:
a. A throw-in to the team that was in control at a spot nearest to where the ball was located when the interruption occurred.
b. A free throw or a throw-in when the interruption occurred during this activity or if a team is entitled to such.
c. A jump ball or alternating-possession throw-in when neither team is in control and no goal, infraction, nor end of quarter/extra period is involved when the game is interrupted.
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