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Originally Posted by AllSports12 View Post
Two examples...... (there can be other situations as well)

- Ball is loose, bouncing high into the air. A23 and B12 are converging on the ball from opposite directions. Both leap into the air and collide violently causing both to fall to the ground without the ball.......

- A12 is in possession of the ball in B's back court. B10 is closely guarding A12 in the back court as A12 attempts to advance to the front court. A42 positions himself legally at the division line with the intent of allowing A12 to use him as a screen to free himself from B10. A12 starts to get past B10 causing B10 to turn (at full speed) and attempt to chase A12, however his teammates do not alert him to the fact that he is about to run into the legally positioned A42 at the division line. B10 violently crashes into A42 and falls to the floor in a heap, while A42 doesn't budge.......

In both situations, there is violent, but legal, contact.
In both situations, people will be screaming for a foul.

If the official has no whistle in either situation, he is correct in judging the contact, even though violent, to be incidental and legal, even if someone sustains an injury due to the contact. (Rule 4-27-2)
Good stuff thank you!

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