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Originally Posted by Sgt Friday View Post
I'm sure Corey expected to hear from all us 'experts' when he publishes his rankings. I don't follow high school rankings that close but I do follow some 2019 and 2020 kids from the Dayton area. The 2019 class is loaded with guards but a lot of talent up and down that list. I was a little surprised to see Jordan Mitchell on the list since he goes to Montverde Academy in Florida but I guess he's from Ohio so that's why he's ranked. And Lawal is going to be special, Walnut Hills will be one of the early favorites to out of SW Ohio next year IMO.

And there is a kid in the 2020 class you may not have ranked or heard of now but by the end of the spring season you probably will. He plays on the same 2020 AAU team with PF/C you ranked Smith and Ward on one of the All Ohio teams. He's a guard from the Dayton area but if you watch that team play a few times you will know who I am talking about. They have a few nice players on that team.

One thing about All Ohio AAU teams. It used to be Red and Black and now there are so many 'All Ohio' teams you can't keep up with them. There are at least 4-5 in almost every tournament now, you can't keep track of them. Just my personal opinion but sometimes less is more......
I don't think Lawal even played for Walnut Hills this past season--what makes you think he is playing there in 2017-18? I believe CPS passed a rule that says athletes have to attend classes at the building to participate, not live in Oxford like Lawal, and then attend practice each day--maybe someone can clarify that.
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