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Post-season approaching, quick board "rules" reminder

Most of the stuff is pretty obvious: respect each other as posters, post in a respectful/appropriate manner, avoid excessive speculation, etc.

We as moderators will try our best to keep control of that type of stuff - though we don't have time to necessarily look at every thread and/or be on the board at all times.

Generally speaking, the preference is to deal with the "bad" posts and keep discussion going; but when that is no longer possible, threads will get closed and/or deleted. On that note, please do not discuss board moderation decisions on the board, those should be handled privately/off-line.

Now and especially as we approach the season, the board seems to cycle at a solid pace. Therefore, I would like to keep as many relevant and germane topics on the main page. On that note, try and be mindful and keep related discussions to one (or limited) thread/s - search page two please if it's not on page one.

During the season, the scope of discussion pretty much is primary high school (given this is a high school board), with secondary on college and above and some youth/junior high. On that note, there is a sub-board available for "Tournaments looking for teams, open tournaments, wrestling camps/clubs, etc." Please try our best to keep that stuff there during the season.

While I can't codify it, the preference is to avoid threads that are outright advertising (i.e. something that is not discussion-based, presentation of a wrestling opportunity, etc). Most of us have a degree of common sense. Please use twitter, facebook, etc. for that other stuff.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy the season.
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