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Originally Posted by Happygoluckky View Post
There is no way to view any version of club soccer as an ROI play financially. I guarantee a very very small percentage of players get more in scholarship money than the family paid in club fees) If you are on a team doing showcase level tournaments the travel alone for the high shool years will likely outweigh the scholarship savings at D1. (The math simply doesn't work like football or basketball - 100% scholarship/revenue sports) The kids have to want to play and they do get other value from the experience. I can argue that learning to thrive in a competitive environment like CUP (or OE/KHA) has benefits. You have to deal with setbacks, lots of different coaching styles and opinions and adversity. In my experience the players are very motivated, they learn about fitness, have good grades and stay out of trouble. Being around motivated kids and active parents has some benefits.
I agree, and I think this is true at the middle ground clubs I mentioned as well. Club soccer is way cheaper than drug rehab/being a grandparent when your kid is 14. Tons of benefits to be had that have nothing to do with what college they go to.
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