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I may be off a few dollars but here is what I know from web sites and from talking to parents:

Fees for OE are $1995 +125 field fee which includes all costs plus you pay your own personal and family travel expenses. Some trips are bus trip required so in essence that is a fee but either way you have to get to the game. Plus showcase travel.

Fees for CUP are around $1382 but does not include team fees for tournaments, ref fees, etc plus pay your own travel expenses. I don't know what the typical CUP team fee is for their National L teams, maybe someone does. Also don't know if they require bus trips. I assume it puts the clubs close from a total fee perspective.

But, and a big but, the travel is where the money starts flying out of our wallets. We should not be limiting this to one club, it is happening everywhere. For example, I checked out FC Pride. Their fee is $2400 which is all inclusive except plus 5 mandated team trips that you must pay for to the club. I am assuming each of these trips is in the $300-$500 range. So already you are getting close to 5k. But then they have 3 showcases in Arizona, Fla and Texas and you have to get there. So even with great air rates add another G plus food, hotel and sundries. 7k. Un freaking believable.

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