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Originally Posted by suplex21 View Post
I have a laced up all the way question.
If the ref does not call it at the table at the beginning of the match, can he make the call later in the match?
I have seen it handled differently on 2 occasions.
1st time- Match is tied with 30 seconds left, coach B goes to table informs ref that wrestler A shoe is not laced to the top. Ref checks (it is taped around the ankle and the tape is taken off to check) ref sees it awards Wrestler B 1 point.

Same coach a year later.
2nd Time- Wrestler B is down 1 point with 20 seconds left. Coach B goes to the table says Wrestler A's shoes are not laced all the way up. Ref says, well then I missed it when he checked in, as long as they stay secured the rest of the match it is fine.

Which situation is correct?
Neither. Not taking tape off to see if they are laced. Plus if tape is covering it then it's safe far as I'm concerned. The reason they want them all the way up is because of safety.

I don't check for laces when wrestlers come out. They are supposed to be properly equipped before they come out. Unfortunately if they are caught after the match has started they will be penalized.

Agree with Suplexer's post.
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