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Originally Posted by simkon View Post
I know the general rules regarding replay, but had never seen an extra out recorded in case the actual 3rd out recorded was overturned. Adding in that the extra out was only recorded because the runners thought the inning was over. The replay officials have never had to deal with a situation quite like this before, had the force out only been the 1st or 2nd out in the inning then there would not have been any problem.
Once the runner from 1st was ruled out via a force play at 2nd (3rd out) the inning ended. All further activity is ignored as nothing further can happen by rule.

If, the call at 2nd is overturned via replay, there are only two options to be considered with regards to the lead runner......... He is either returned to third base or he is awarded home. Those two decisions are the responsibility of the replay official.

There is no "extra out" to consider.
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