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Originally Posted by StowInTheKnow View Post
It's actually quite simple for anyone that attended college. Even when you transfer from School A to School B, if you finish last X number of credit hours at School A you get diploma from school A. If you're so worried about it just give Stanford a call......
Well thank you Captain Obvious for your expertise regarding student transfers at the college level ! Your suggestion that I "give Stanford a call if I'm so worried about it" puzzles me. Just where in the hell in my post did I indicate that I was worried about anything ? I simply posted some facts from a newspaper article and some player stats from a media guide. I said I found the articles interesting and also somewhat confusing, period.

Now, 17 months later someone known as StowInTheKnow has apparently determined that I am so worried about the college career of a basketball player from NE Ohio nearly 25 years ago that I should now consider calling the player's alma mater as part of a fact finding quest. Thanks, but I'll pass.

Instead, StowInThe Know, I have a suggestion for you as you troll this website. . .consider a username change from StowInTheKnow to "StowN'Go".

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