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Originally Posted by OhioBobcatFan06 View Post
Thank you Hornets!

Those guys played their hearts out Friday. I loved the emotion after we got that onside kick... We definitely never quit either. I'd like to think we would've won that with a healthy Scholle. Oh well, injuries happen. It was a fun season.

As for next year, I'll just list some thoughts.
-Lot of talent to replace. Seniors have to step up, as do the underclassmen. Especially at the skill positions
-Our offensive line should be great.
-I can't wait to see what Scholle can do.
-The key is getting some guys to really step up at the other skill positions. We need a running back, and we need some WR's.
-I think our defense could be pretty tough. Bernhard needs to step up at the MLB spot. Our defensive line could be pretty good, we bring most of it back.

Thank you Hornets
Thank you Seniors
Flat out awesome performance Friday night. I was proud of each and every young man who stepped on that field. The tradition is slowly building. We have a few seniors coming back next year who have played in 4 playoff games already - and the Hornets have played well in each one. Those guys will need to be leaders next year and pass on to the underclassmen the work ethic and enthusiasm that has been a part of this program the past three seasons. The future is bright. I expect the Hornets to compete for playoff spot again in 2010.

I agree the offensive line will be strength of the team next year. To me, the key offensive skill players who need to work hard in the offseason are Koran and Popson. Koran will have big shoes to fill at RB, but I think he has the ability to get the job done - especially since Scholle can provide the home run in the ground game. Popson's junior year was very similar to Kronenberger's junior year. If he can come in to camp stronger and heavier like Kroney did this year, he will help us because he has good hands and has made big catches with games on the line - like Kroney did with the JV his junior year.

As for Bernhard, I would like to see the coaches try him as a one gap player with his hand on the ground. I doubt they will move him to the front four, but I think he might be more disruptive to opposing offenses at tackle or end. Of course, that would mean finding two new middle backers - but it is just a thought based on my observation of him this year. We also need people step up at outside backer. I have no idea who will end up at the two outside backer spots right now. Secondary should be ok with Trey Edwards coming back at safety and Popson at corner. Will need to find at least one more corner. Two would be better if Popson is going both ways - you see how that wore down Kroney this year. It would be nice if we had enough talent to rotate three corners at the two spots.

Starting with a solid offensive line should help the new skill position players find their way early in the year. Dave Christopher played really well at center the last three weeks of the season. He should be REALLY good next year. Maybe the younger Justik brother can fill the open slot up front. Chris Justik is solid at tackle. I am optimistic. Go Hornets!
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