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Thank you Hornets!

Those guys played their hearts out Friday. I loved the emotion after we got that onside kick... We definitely never quit either. I'd like to think we would've won that with a healthy Scholle. Oh well, injuries happen. It was a fun season.

As for next year, I'll just list some thoughts.
-Lot of talent to replace. Seniors have to step up, as do the underclassmen. Especially at the skill positions
-Our offensive line should be great.
-I can't wait to see what Scholle can do.
-The key is getting some guys to really step up at the other skill positions. We need a running back, and we need some WR's.
-I think our defense could be pretty tough. Bernhard needs to step up at the MLB spot. Our defensive line could be pretty good, we bring most of it back.

Thank you Hornets
Thank you Seniors
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