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Thank You Hornets, and next year

First off I wanted to say Thank You Hornets for the great year you had. Was a lot to try and overcome that last week and you held your heads up high and gave it your best. Not sure how you did it, I know I was having a hard time with all that was going on. Hope all of you are very proud and hope the friends and families are too. Cause I know I am, Very much so. Lot of heart and class on that team from the head coach all the way down to the last freshman player. Cant even imagine having to go out there and play a playoff game like that knowing one of your own is in the hospital and not able to be there. THANK YOU AGAIN
Was wondering what peoples outlook for next season is, know its hard to think about right now but just wanted a general outlook for the team and opinions, on the team, players, different positions etc. Not sure what we are losing to graduation and all.
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