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Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
Well considering the topic is Jackson memories, I figured a ton of JHS kids went to the arcade by Gold Circle, and it would be permissable. That and the mention of arcades reminded me of that one.
No worries....I just figured I'd throw that in. I spent plenty of quarters at FF.

Stern & Manns only had one floor if I remember correctly. My mom shopped there a lot and I liked the toy store right when you walked in on the left. But I do remember a store having 2 levels....actually I think there were two clothing stores with two levels; one of them was an upper end women's store and I think the other was more of a girls (juniors) store. I can't remember the names but just remember them from shopping there for my mom and/or girlfriends.
Was Stern & Mann's down by the Hobby Shop (which was across from Aladdin's/York Steak House & adjacent the pet shop)? Wasn't aware there was a second store w/two levels. Definitely remember one, though, because you could clearly see the second level from the concourse.

I vaguely remember the Fazios but don't ever recall actually going there. I think we always went to McArdles.
Fazios was where the food court is now.

[quote]Ok, what was the name of the record store beside The Pub? And there used to be an ice cream shop where the fireplace store is now (same structure).

Hmm...good question on that one (record store), but I unquestionably remember it. I don't remember the ice cream shop.

Kind of caty-corner across Dressler, there used to be a pizza shop but now there's a dentist office (besides Chipotle now). Was that Nobel Romans?
That was definitely Noble Romans! My all-time favorite place to get pizza! Well, besides Guisseppe's up in Green.

Anybody remember Little Shopper at Lake Cable?
Which plaza was that in? I remember the McArdle's & Rice in the one plaza...was LS in the plaza that Spirit Gear is now in?

Alpine drive through out in front of Miller Sales at Wales Square?
Yup, remember that one. Used to be right next door to Friendly's. Now just part of the parking lot.

Of course, that plaza is no longer in Jackson.
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