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Originally Posted by bb9 View Post
I know what the book says, but in this case why should the plate umpire be responsible for the tag at first and the base umpire be responsible for the tag at 3rd? U1 is already looking directly through first base and U2 has nothing better to do than get that tag at 3rd.
I'm assuming you meant to type PU has the tag at 3rd and the BU has the tag at 1st, so I'll address it as such.

If you place the responsibility of the tag at 3rd on the BU, he has to somehow get into position (starting from the B) to where he can get the touch of the ball by the fielder and the runner at 3rd in his peripheral so that he does not have his back to either at any time. Moving in such a manner takes him out of position to call on a throw behind the runner at first. The PU cannot rule on this as he has a potential play at the plate.

This is one of the many situations that in a two man game leaves us with holes in coverage. Many call this a money call....... For more money, you have an additional umpire and this play is covered by U2 who is the A position.
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