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Originally Posted by sebbyb View Post
Forbes lists the Columbus Crew franchise worth $118 Million.
The new MLS franchise fee is $200 million.

I think I'd try to buy an existing franchise and move it to Cincinnati before I'd write Garber a $200 million dollar check.

FC Cincinnati Crew

You got this spot on. Das Leader in MLS and Prec*nt had this setup the whole time. They knew the plan all along. Buy cheap, move and make bank. Bypass the whole MLS Expansion process, and Prec*nt was an Expansion Team member!

All of this continues to be the main reason why I do not want FCC to spend a dime to get to MLS. It's a cartel. It's hindering the growth of soccer in the US. Quit padding the pockets of Das Leader. US Soccer needs better leadership from above and within each pro league.

Until this happens, I won't be spending a dime for pro soccer OR international soccer in the US. Sucks. It's time to ramp up the protests to get things done for the betterment of the game in the US.
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