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Originally Posted by Possessed View Post
As I said... vanity. Pure vanity. The "unthinkable" is going to happen. Whether the sun expands, or an astroid... it's going to happen. There is nothing to be gained from colonizing a dead planet with grandiose ideas of manifest destiny. A colony of millions? Lol. That's laughable. Why you waste time and treasure for vanity while there's suffering right outside your door. Why haven't we gone back to the moon? Because it proved pointless other than vanity and bragging rights. The US could have "won" the space race and developed their technology without going to the moon. Mars will be the same. One way tickets for the first group, all for nothing. Every bit of your statement is conjuncture. Space geeks pushing an agenda to vanity driven fools so they can get grants to keep their job playing with space toys.
What utter nonsense

1. If an asteroid hitting Earth is inevitable, wouldn't it make sense to have a backup planet? If sun expansion is inevitable, wouldn't it be prudent to develop spacefaring technologies?

2. Why is a colony of millions laughable? Terraforming will likely be possible in the future.

3. The suffering of others on Earth does not preclude our initiative and aspiration. It is our biological imperative to do what is necessary to keep our species going, and nothing will make that more likely than unlocking interplanetary and interstellar travel and colonization.

4. We haven't gone back to the Moon for a lot of reasons (fiscal, primarily), none of which was "it's pointless". The Moon is covered in Helium-3, while it's rare on Earth. It's packed with energy that would have likely been utilized as an energy source here if we'd continued research it. Lack of foresight and wisdom, like what you display here, can be blamed.

5. You cannot say that the technologies developed by NASA and derived from their research would have happened anyway. Who knows where we would be if we never started the space program.

Something tells me there's some fatalistic fundamentalism underscoring your perspective.
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