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Originally Posted by Possessed View Post
As I said... vanity. Pure vanity. The "unthinkable" is going to happen. Whether the sun expands, or an astroid... it's going to happen. There is nothing to be gained from colonizing a dead planet with grandiose ideas of manifest destiny. A colony of millions? Lol. That's laughable. Why you waste time and treasure for vanity while there's suffering right outside your door. Why haven't we gone back to the moon? Because it proved pointless other than vanity and bragging rights. The US could have "won" the space race and developed their technology without going to the moon. Mars will be the same. One way tickets for the first group, all for nothing. Every bit of your statement is conjuncture. Space geeks pushing an agenda to vanity driven fools so they can get grants to keep their job playing with space toys.
Vanity has NOTHING to do with it. The human race is by nature a race of "explorers". We are hard wired to explore. We've learned to master the physical universe as we've pushed at and through its boundaries. It is inevitable that we will expand across the solar system. Look at what humanity has already accomplished, in comparison to all other animals, and try telling me there isn't a manifest destiny to first take the solar system and then take the stars.

Of course Mars will one day be populated by millions of humans. Heck, there may come a time when billions of people make their home on Mars. One day we'll crash comets into Mars and build a new atmosphere that enables us to live outdoors. And before you say I'm dreaming can you imagine what a member of the Plymouth colony in Massachusetts would say upon seeing how their little colony on the shores of an immense and wild land in 1620 had become a continent spanning colossus of 320,000,000 people today. It only took 300 years to reach this point. Imagine where we'll be in another 300 years.

And you know what, when we rule the solar system there will still be suffering because there will always be suffering. And I suspect that sometime in the future folks will argue about the wisdom of launching expeditions to the nearest stars because there is "suffering" in the solar system and such a journey will be expensive and high risk and we should just stay "home" and take care of those in need.

The question isn't whether we push out into the solar system, we will. The question is who will lead the effort and reap the greatest rewards.
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