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Originally Posted by Possessed View Post
You talking monkies with all your vanity still perplex me as to why He favors you. You have starving children, homeless vets, massive debts... and all you can think to do is plant a handful of people on a rock that will never be inhabitable simply so you can pound your chest.

You can't build colonies on the moon, but somehow think you're going to do it on Mars lol. So wasteful. So self centered. Hey, there's water buried on Mars! Let's spend a couple trillion dollars and drill to it so we can find out its poisonous to humans!
Mars someday will support a human population of millions. There is water & oxygen and enough of an atmosphere to protect against solar radiation. Mars would be the stepping stone for a push into the outer solar system - the asteroid belt and the gas giants. The nation that colonizes Mars will rule the Solar System and the nation that rules the solar system will rule humanity!

We talking monkeys have done pretty good for ourselves and it's our destiny to break the confines of the earth. Heck, I suspect it's an instinctual drive to spread out beyond earth in order to ensure our survival should the unthinkable happen to our great blue planet.

BTW, we've had "starving children" since the dawn of civilization and at no time in our history has it been an excuse NOT to make progress and drive forward. Finding water on Mars is a huge deal. From water comes life.
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