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About 5 months until camp and first scrimmages . A lot of improvement can take place in that period of time and any good program knows this and encourages players to take this " Grind" period very seriously. Need to be better and stronger and show progress each week , if you aren't thinking this way it will show in early August and going forward.

Rocks have been pretty consistent as a program , not state elite level but solidly in that next top tier. The programs they have lost to in the Play-offs in the last 5-6 years have bene ELITE . By Elite I mean have won a state title { Davidson twice Colerain once } or played in state title games { Pickerington Central and Wayne { 3 times?}

2014 the team was at a state level IMO capable of playing and competing well with just about anyone, 2015 after having to win out the last month including beating good play-off qualifiers Liberty and UA to close and gain a play-off spot had a small amount of gas left and got routed by a motivated and very good Colerain team .

Last year they ran into a Wayne team who was clicking on all cylinders and the Rocks gave up too many short fields and got blasted . the Warriors were clearly superior and would have won handily but the turnovers caused the embarrassing margin much like Coffman 's win over Davidson the 21 point margin was helped by two Davidson turnovers in their own territory which led to 10 points.

Leafing through one of the posts from the Irish supporter I luv ftb, a good poster and a passionate fan , who opined that the Zinser's offensive line candidates for the Rocks this year , two rising Juniors were not to be counted on as in Good luck with them , made me think of a Coffman Rising Junior a few years ago being mocked a bit on a forum as in this vane " if you are counting on Moe Arman good luck " .

ILFB, take was the Zinser's are getting beat at D-1 each week and they won't be god performers most likely this year.

My take reading that was positive actually . Much more important dynamic is that the kids WERE AT D-1 or trying to improve themselves , not whether they were " Winning" or not getting beat. Putting themselves out there is much more important and that willingness to put yourself out there in maybe some uncomfortable situations is what is important and will benefit them in the long run .

Getting back to Big Moe , he is a great example to kids like the Zinser's , people doubted Moe and took the challenge to better himself , put himself in some challenging situations worked his butt off and is getting some money to pay at the 1-AA level .

Not saying he became a great high school player ,but he worked his way into becoming a good solid player who will continue playing football and get some money to boot.

The reason the 2014 team was a more state level team was their O-line IMO. they were capable of lining up and even against top programs give their skill kids enough time and space to operate. Crabtree at Center was the leader and was able to even hold his own against Landers from Wayne who was may be not 100m percent played every snap for Wayne . Two D-1 kids { JR. Gellerstadt at Penn State , and SR. McCollum wh has started from day one at Miami Ohio Crabtree also at Miami is a long snapper } were instrumental , it was the work ethic and camaraderie the group had with Greenwalt a bit undersized but effective and D-2 player Corey Williams that molded the team and give the ability to play with pretty much anyone .

In any successful football program { Including at the NFL level , Cowboys and Raiders resurgences are both O-line led for instance} you will see a solid O-line much more often than not and the same goes for high school programs.

Davidson " Culture" Is such that their O-line is the staple , it has to get towards a certain level to reach the type of success they expect year in and year out.

Coffman must try to develop that culture within the culture , that helps them reach a certain level of success year in and year out where they have been of the top few programs in CO . The O-Line candidates need to step up and put in the work necessary not just to become a starter on the team but to compete at the best and highest level they are capable of against the BEST teams and players they will face. I think some high school kids make this mistake , if they started the year before and they know they will start again of kids who know they are front runner to start may be for the first time and they work accordingly and don't improve as much as they could have.

I think that these O-line candidates should be encouraged not only too look at the D-1 kids , but the guys like Arman who had his doubters and critics but kept at it and improved enough to get to the 1-AA level and get scholarship money. The Zinsers can look at that example and keep working at it .
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