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Hartley was good sometimes mediocre sometimes with an occasional very good Now? beat up the small farming communities in their region every year like a drum big margins easy no heavy lifting games then an automatic State semi berth . What's changed ?

Brad Burchfield ? really give them those farm boys and see if he beats his personnel ? won't be able to do it, he is prospering because of a huge upgrade in TALENT not his wizardry, they aren't complicated , just have the horses which you need to win races .

AHM and Sap appreciate your interest in Coffman football , a program that ahs made the playoffs 11 out of the last 12 years missing once with a 7-3 team loisng to three play-off teams by an total of 15 points . pretty good it seems for you guys to be crapping on them , how many programs have done better than that ? not many been a top 3 program in this region no question , you don't respect them who cares you are irrelevant posers .
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