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Originally Posted by Saint Columban View Post
the p5 cartel and their media lapdogs will never allow a g5 team in the playoff. last year proved that beyond any doubt.
This is what makes me crazy. If Clemson loses to NC State today and NC State doesn't run the table, then an undefeated team from the AAC of MWC should jump them. These teams have done well in that New Year's Six offering. There is nothing that says they will not be able to play with the P5 teams. This year is really interesting for the Argument. Okay tOSU, Bama, and LSU are dominant teams, but the rest are not great. The ACC, Big 12, and PAC Ten are not that good, and if NC State and Clemson drop the ball they should be out. The best team in the Big 12 lost to Maryland and the PAC 10 have no signature wins by any of its teams. Of course this discussion will be for naught if UCF doesn't win out. But I think that there needs to be serious consideration for UCF's and Boise States of college football.
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