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Originally Posted by adselder09 View Post
Illinois - 3-3 barely beat Kent St, only Power 5 win against Rutgers
Maryland - 4-2 with a nice OOC win over TX
Pitt - 3-4 smoked by Penn St, lost to UNC, close losses to Syracuse and ND
UNC - 1-4 lost to ECU, blown out by Miami, beat Pitt
UCLA - 1-5 blown out by OU, Fresno, Colorado but played Wash tight
GA Tech - 3-4 lost to Pitt and Duke, only Power 5 win over 2-5 UofL

Big Bearcat fan - but disagree on UCF and the AAC. If UCF were to get in, last year was the year. They're not as good this season.
lol so you're holding AAC wins against the AAC?
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