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Originally Posted by falguin View Post
AAC teams have beaten Illinois, Maryland, Pitt, North Carolina, UCLA, and Georgia Tech.
Illinois - 3-3 barely beat Kent St, only Power 5 win against Rutgers
Maryland - 4-2 with a nice OOC win over TX
Pitt - 3-4 smoked by Penn St, lost to UNC, close losses to Syracuse and ND
UNC - 1-4 lost to ECU, blown out by Miami, beat Pitt
UCLA - 1-5 blown out by OU, Fresno, Colorado but played Wash tight
GA Tech - 3-4 lost to Pitt and Duke, only Power 5 win over 2-5 UofL

Big Bearcat fan - but disagree on UCF and the AAC. If UCF were to get in, last year was the year. They're not as good this season.
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