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Originally Posted by brianwr112 View Post
I don't think the money's really the selling point, more so that they have a team. There's a large majority of families that believe their kid should go to college no matter the circumstances. They don't buy into the fact that you can make a living by going to a trade school or no college at all. Parents will use it as a selling point that they can play video games in college.

It'll be interesting in the next few years what types of regulations are placed on these teams. These kids can make way more than $4,000 a year playing online. Are they going to be able to do both?
Yes to the last question. I believe they won't be sanctioned/governed by the NCAA. Sort of like how roping/reining/rodeo stuff isn't an NCAA sport but has their own weird governing body who runs the national tourneys. Some chick from A+M, Hailey Kinsel, won like 400 grand at The American.
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