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Originally Posted by D4fan View Post
This could backfire on these universities who are giving kids even more reason to be on their playsystems at 4:00 in the morning when they should be asleep.

The addictive nature of gaming is very destructive to other more practical disciplines of life such as hygiene . One of the great gamers at OSU this year got sent home last week right before finals because his passion for his "sport" was disrupting the ability of other students to study or sleep.

Young children are getting hooked on these games and the result can be rather devastating to their development of physical skills.

Time will tell, but gaming seems to have a great potential negative impact on its participants when they spend every waking minute thinking or interacting in such games.
I'm sorry, but what you said just reminded me of an older gentleman I overheard this past week, talking to a store clerk about our Youth ... "This younger generation is going to take us straight to hell in a handbasket. You mark my words!"

Maybe so.

Don't get me wrong ... like you, I sort of cringe when I see the physical (and hygienic) decay of some of our Youth, who take their obsession with gaming to a whole other level. That said, we can't continue to be blind to the fact that traditional high school sports are just not for everyone. Heck, it's always been that way. Moreover, we can no longer ignore that gaming has captured a more prominent position in the everyday lives of much of our Youth, as compared to previous generations.

So, how can we extract something good from this seemingly unhealthy (and unstoppable) youth development? Can we, as a society, identify and further-develop a particular sought-after skill set shared amongst the non-athletic gamer set (which perhaps includes technological savvy, strategic-thinking, and competitiveness) that can be utilized in ways that help advance our society?

I guess it remains to be seen, but we will never know until we try.
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