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Originally Posted by Termite2 View Post
He turned 18 the day before. 7/25/14[2am] incident; born 7/24/96
Crucify him!!!!!

Punching the girl was clearly a bad move.

You're a pretty bright fella, above average anyway. Any thoughts on the timing of that video resurfacing and making it's way into public discussion ? It was several years back, and the young man has not had a similar incident since.

I wonder if the girl that cried rape but filed no charges against Gareon Conley, right before the draft and right after being angered about being tossed out of the hotel room where Conley was (according to some present) had been following the Mixon situation ?

I can't help but think "Hell hath no fury..." in both cases. Certainly plausible. I have a few bitter b1tches in my own rear view mirror.
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