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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
So I can't define great talent but you can? Nah, that's not really how this works. Using that moronic logic, another 2-4 guys on that list would no longer be considered a "great talent" because LeBron and Durant (and arguments can be made for a handful of other guys) would remove them. Nope, sorry. Everyone I listed was All NBA during their time in those "successful" seasons and many went on the the HOF for their basketball play. Utterly moronic to not consider those guys "great talent." But then again, I guess I forgot who I was talking to for a second. But I'll have to remember that for a later use, no one, including Kyrie, in the Cavs history can be considered great.

BJ Armstrong, when including defense, was slightly worse than league average that year. Horce was the only other player on the Bulls to be noticeably better than league average that year. But either way, it doesn't change the fact Phil Jackson won 2 less games and went nearly just as far in the playoffs without the greatest player of all time. Other than A few of Wilkins early coaching years in Milwaukee, which I've already conceded to being successful without great talent, every team listed had better 2nd and 3rd options. So no, those are not similar talents to what the other coaches had.

You're correct. 1993-94, Phil had a great talent. Still doesn't change the fact it's one of the most impressive coaching seasons in NBA history.

Old man struggling to comprehend what he's reading. The standard wasn't set to determine if they had successful coaching seasons. Phil still had an incredibly successful season. Try figuring out what it is you're arguing and then come back.

You ignored the voters at the bottom of that list, then ?

They^, LBJ and KD, weren't playing on either of Phil's teams, dummy. Jeez, what a goof you are.

SO, your final answer to the question,

Originally Posted by cabezadecaballo View Post
......Has Phil ever had a great coaching performance without great talent ? Can you think of a season ?, "No. No I can't" Got it.

You fail.

Younger (not young anymore ) punk trying to move the goalposts and declare victory

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