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Coaching is not an exact science ... the really good coaches would not win the exact same number of games if you switched them around ... most of the time, success comes from having the right combination of people (players & coaches) ... you can't just sub one great one (coach or player) in for another and expect the same results ... How well they fit together does matter ... with that said, I also think you could sub in another coach into a situation and they could do as well or better ... if it is a good fit. Is there a coach that could have replicated the success of Phil, probably. Who, I don't know. With that said, it also takes a certain type of personality to be able to deal with a very talented team, this was Phil's strength, probably as good at this as any body in NBA history (Red?)

In conclusion, your both a little right ... and a little wrong. Almost impossible to know for sure.
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