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Originally Posted by SummitCo View Post
Word is out in the feeder schools (CYO) about Cal's antics and his poor treatment of players. He could only muster 15 middle school players to his basketball camp this week.

Down from a high of 70+ four years ago.

The number of girls playing basketball is down in Akron CYO. More parishes combining with other parishes or parishes combining grades to even form a 7th-8th team.

Parishes which 5-7 years ago had 2 teams in a junior high grade for girls basketball were sending their couple of interested players to other parishes this year. Kind of like CYO football in Akron where any kids interested in playing at the older grades get merged into the St Sebastian All Saints program or the St Hilary program.

However, your point is well taken and your contention is probably accurate. Hoban may not have enough players try out to even field a freshman girls team.

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