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Originally Posted by RedBlack_Attack View Post
I believe it is yet another reference to that particular poster's favorite thing to ever have happened in the world.

Anyway, moving along ...
Red and Black, I think you’re saying, and I agree with you, that he was overjoyed to see a victim and two juveniles to be used for his pleasure, not to mention that Fishbreath, also enjoyed a community being turned upside down. The worst part of his joy is that he is actually happy that a young lady had to go through misery for his material on a freaking High School football forum. You can tell the fake ones by their words. He is as big of a pretender as his John Glenn Minnow Muskies were. But his true character comes out when he uses a young teenage lady’s misfortune as his fodder for internet chat.

He should be ashamed of himself, but his lack of character and decency prevent him from seeing himself for what he is.....a gutless loser. For him to get enjoyment out of a teenagers nightmare is beyond comprehension. High school football is that huge to him. Sad Sad Sad life he must lead.
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