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Originally Posted by LICKING COUNTY FAN View Post
I did not mean anything bad by the statement.
Those dudes flat out can play.
Especially the RB who got hurt and the QB.
Licking County Fan, we Big Red fans appreciate the compliments. The Engineer is just so used to Yappyites taking shots and being critical, as am I, that sometimes itís hard to tell the difference between the constant slams and the occasional compliment. I kinda of read your post like I think he other words it was Massieís failures instead of our success that lead to that whuppin we put on them. One person can take it that way and another the other way. That being said, That Big Red team sure was something else. Great balance between the run and pass. Your example goes to show just how hard they were to defend. If you go all out defending those roll outs and waggles, you leave yourself wide open to the throw backs and screens. Our screen game was flawless in the playoffs and produced big play after big play including several long TDís.
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