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Originally Posted by Spread All Day View Post
Struthers hasnít played Boardman since 1994. Lost that game. Lead series 27-13-1

But Struthers was a much bigger school back then.
A lot of people in Struthers would like it, but in most years we couldn't compete anymore. Similar to the Struthers-Campbell situation.
Besides, nothing for Boardman to gain from this. Except perhaps a decent gate.

I personally wouldn't be against it, but I just don't think our AD would even consider it.

I also think our schedule changes where we picked up West Branch and Lakeside are positive moves on our part. Especially WB. Think it could become a very competitive rivalry. Also think the gates would be real good. I know WB travels well. Hopefully we get our fans to make the trip to Beloit.

Crestview game this year sounds real interesting. They have a lot coming back and have the game at home. Would like to see this one.

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