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Definitely Hubbard!

Lakeside, West Branch, Girard, and South Range are all upgrades over Liberty, Campbell, and Edgewood. None of them can replace Canfield, but I don't blame anyone for putting that game on the shelf. Lakeside and West Branch as OOC games are a step up. Retaining Crestview is ok... but don't expect them to bring the same L2 points to the table in 2019 and 2020 that they did last year or can this year. With them presumably joining the AAC next year (that's still happening, right?), they'll play mostly D5 and D6s instead of D2 and D3s like they have as an Independent.

I'm really interested in how the defense shapes up this year. The offense should be alright. I'm not really concerned with Willie's departure. Best of luck to him in Canton.
2018 Cats have the potential to make another run at the playoffs. Even without #7.
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