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Originally Posted by CardzFan1 View Post
If the staff had handled Conner better -- by not having him throw so much prior to the season -- being healthy in game 1 would have probably gotten him Mr. Football. They chose a LB from SVSM that year.
I agree that Krizancic would have closed the gap on winning Mr. Football if it weren't for Weeks 1-3. I don't know how much they had Conner throwing that summer. Maybe it was way too much. Maybe Conner, not having played the position in a few years, just didn't have the stamina. Maybe a combination. I don't know if blame is deserved on any part. Conner put up huge numbers in 2013 considering the first three games had very little production.

IMO, hard to see anyone from Mentor -- other than Trubisky or Tanski -- ahead of Krizancic from that list. Don't forget that not only did Krizancic win the Tony Fisher Award, but he was also Ohio Co-Offensive Player of the Year.
I agree, which is why I doubt any of the other players I mentioned above will make the list. I will take Mitch and Bart over him slightly, but Conner's 2013 season was very, very close to the level those two guys played. Nobody else in the last 25 years at Mentor deserves to be ahead of Conner's senior year at QB.

I imagine the NH will use the senior seasons of Trubisky and Tanski when they narrow down to the one defining season. I bet both will be in the top 10, with Mitch having a shot at No. 1. But both players had really good junior seasons. Tanski picked his up during the playoffs as he ended up setting what was a record for passing yards/TD's in the DI state championship game in 2006. Trubisky and the 5-WR offense in 2011 lit up the scoreboard.
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